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Brotherly Love
Number 31
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Brotherly Love is Popeye's 31st theatrical short, from Fleischer Studios, which was released on March 6, 1936.


Sitting in a restaurant, Popeye listens to a radio broadcast from the Women's Brotherly Love Society, which is led by Olive Oyl. Her song promoting brotherly love inspires Popeye, and he gives a plentiful tip to waiter Oscar before leaving. He walks along the street, singing the Brotherly Love Song and helping people along the way: lifting a heavy safe that two movers were struggling with, helping two boys watch the ball game without paying and even instantly repairing a crashed car.


He comes across a brawl between the rival Boiler Makers Social Club and Gas House Boys clubs and enters it in order to stop the fighting. However, a steady string of punches leaves him out cold, with further socking keeping him down each time he recovers. Olive, on a march for her Society, comes by and becomes entangled with the brawlers. Popeye finally resorts to eating his spinach, enabling him to pacify all the fighters - with the use of his fists.

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