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Bridge Ahoy!
Number 33
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I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski
What -- No Spinach?

Bridge Ahoy!, released on May 1, 1936, is Fleischer Studios' 33rd Popeye cartoon.


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While making use of Bluto's Ferry, Popeye and Olive see the latter's car crushed by the ferry captain in order to leave enough space for Oscar's meat truck. They then witness Bluto throw Wimpy to the water for being unable to pay the fare, but Popeye rescues him. The sailor tells Bluto, "We'll build a bridge and let people across for nothin'". Soon, construction of a large bridge over the river is underway. While Bluto working on his ferry, he sees the trio building a bridge, noticing that building a bridge was putting his ferry boat out of business ("Hmm, trying to ruin my boat business, eh?"). So, Bluto infiltrates the construction of the bridge with sabotage in mind. He manages to leave Popeye wrapped in a girder then goes after Olive, almost causing her to fall from the construction site, further tickling her feet to hasten her demise. However, Popeye gets free and soon it is Bluto who is made to fall.

Bluto is able to break his fall using a rope, though, then employs it to catch Popeye by surprise and tie him up, proceeding to abuse the immobilized sailor. Popeye is able to strike back, but then Bluto completely demolishes the half-built bridge. After eating his spinach, Popeye promply defeats Bluto, destroys the ferry boat and fashions a large magnet with which to put all the bridge pieces in place. Immediately, Popeye, Olive and Wimpy ride their car across the brand-new bridge, along with numerous other vehicles.

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