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Barbecue for Two
Season 2, Episode 23
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"Barbecue for Two" (1960) is the pilot episode of the television series Popeye the Sailor.


Popeye is preparing a barbecue for two (himself and Olive). But Brutus and Wimpy invite themselves too, and Swee'Pea would have Popeye repeatedly push him on a swing. While Wimpy keeps asking for hamburgers, Brutus attempts to ingratiate himself with Olive, eventually succeeding by playing some music while violently stopping the sailor's interruptions. Only after Popeye is sent flying into the kitchen does he finds some frozen spinach and is able to turn the tables and enjoy a barbecue for two with Olive.


  • For this pilot, the character designs were brought closer to their original comic incarnations. However, the series proper followed the preceding theatrical cartoons in giving Olive a more modern look and having Popeye still wear his white Navy uniform.
  • The cartoon avoids referring to Brutus by name. It is likely that the producers were unsure at the time whether they were going to be able to use the name "Bluto".
  • The opening theme from the Famous Studios cartoons is used instead of the usual theme.
  • This cartoon is in the public domain.


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