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Not to be confused with Baby Wants a Battle.

Baby Wants a Bottleship
Number 108
Many Tanks
You're a Sap, Mr. Jap

Baby Wants a Bottleship (1942) is the 108th and final Popeye cartoon to be produced by Fleischer Studios.


Popeye makes Swee'Pea a small toy ship from a large piece of wood, but the boy promptly discards it as he takes a look at the Navy battleship Popeye is serving on, the USS Pennsyltucky. When Olive leaves the baby in Popeye's care to go shopping, the sailor soon discovers Swee'Pea has escaped from his stroller and has already climbed to the ship's mast. Popeye breaks Swee'Pea's ensuing fall with a lifeboat, but then the baby slides into a cannon's control board, inadvertently causing Popeye to suffer all sorts of punishments from the cannon and its gears. Popeye takes some bolts out of his left ear, then takes several bolts out of his right, then he spits the gear out of his mouth. Next, the baby slips out of a porthole and onto the anchor's chain, leading Popeye to yank the huge anchor up - and on top of himself. More mishaps end with Popeye shot like a shell from a cannon, to be left unconscious after a rough fall. Olive returns at this point, sees that Swee'Pea is gone and boards the Pennsyltucky to find him riding a missile-on-wheels. She feeds Popeye his spinach and the latter comes to, stopping Swee'Pea's missile from colliding with the explosives room.

Afterwards, Swee'Pea is offered a bigger toy ship by Popeye, then a bigger one, then a bigger one, but keeps rejecting them. The boy is finally allowed to "drive" the USS Pennsyltucky down the street - but it is in fact being dragged by the anchor chain by Popeye.