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Baby Wants Spinach
Number 174
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Baby Wants Spinach is a color remake of Fleischer Studios' Little Swee'Pea (1936), released by Famous Studios in 1950 as the 174th Popeye cartoon.


Popeye is bringing flowers and candy to Olive Oyl, but she takes the chance to go shopping and leave him to watch over Swee'Pea. The baby follows his stray ball out into the street, but is saved from an incoming trolley by Popeye. A fall from a bridge is also averted, followed by the baby wandering into the zoo in pursuit of his ball. Popeye stops Swee'Pea from being crushed by an elephant, then saves him from a lion's hungry maw. The ball rolls into the alligator pit and the sailor again has to effect a dangerous rescue. Finally, Popeye takes out his spinach can when facing a gorilla, but the ape causes its contents to spill out - and into Swee'Pea's mouth. The empowered baby is now able to save his protector. When Olive later arrives home, the injured Popeye points her to Swee'Pea and the various new "pets" he has brought from the zoo.


  • A loose remake of Fleischer's Little Swee'Pea (1936).


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