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Assault and Flattery
Number 221
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Out to Punch
Insect to Injury

Assault and Flattery is Popeye's 221st cartoon, released on July 6, 1956 by Famous Studios. It recycles footage from several earlier shorts from the same studio.


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The oft-clobbered Bluto has sued Popeye for assault and battery, and the two must appear before the hamburger-gulping Judge Wimpy - Bluto covered in bandages and using a wheelchair. He falsely states to the judge that Popeye had assaulted him and Olive Oyl, only briefly describing a portion of The Farmer and the Belle so as to give a wrong impression. He then does the same with an even more fleeting look at How Green Is My Spinach, to state that Popeye was acting like a madman. It is now Popeye's turn to recount a much-longer segment from A Balmy Swami, wherein he was humiliated by magician Bluto and Olive hypnotized, causing her to wander into a construction site and into danger - with Popeye saving the day thanks to his eating spinach. The court rules that Popeye is in the right, prompting Bluto to get rid of his fake bandages and wheelchair, using them as weapons to entrap his nemesis. The latter is able to squeeze out his spinach can, allowing him to break free and strike the perjuror with a mighty punch and then give him the look of a jailbird with the help of some paint over the big man's sailor suit.

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