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Alpine for You
Number 180
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Alpine for You (released on May 18, 1951) is Popeye's 180th theatrical cartoon, animated by Famous Studios. This short was submitted and screened (but not nominated) for an Academy Award.


Yodeling, Popeye climbs a mountain while pulling his girlfriend Olive Oyl on the end of a rope below him. They are spied by "Bluto the world famous mountain guide" who becomes attracted to Olive and soon snatches her from under Popeye, replacing her weight with a rock. When they reunite, the raven-haired lady reasons that the climb will be safer with an actual guide, yet Popeye thinks he can guide themselves just fine. Turned away, Bluto then proceeds to secretly sabotage the alpinists, using a magnet to dismantle the pickaxe Popeye is using, which in turn causes the couple to rapidly plummet down, but the sailor's quick use of plungers breaks their fall and narrowly saves Olive's life. Next, Bluto uses his cigar to cause the bridge the climbers are crossing to burn, which ends with Olive caught in an eagle's nest, then trapped into a wooden sign after Bluto sneakily attaches skates to the soles of her would-be hero. Bluto's meddling pays off as Olive leaves Popeye behind and turns to the guide - who only guides her into a dark cave in order to have his way with her. Hearing Olive's screams for help, Popeye soon catches up and the ensuing fistfight between the two men turns the mountaintop into Mount Rushmore. However, a big blow from the big man sends Popeye flying to another, snowy peak where he becomes frozen, while Olive's perilous getaway from her lustful tormentor takes place. In a bit recycled from I'll Be Skiing Ya (1947), a Saint Bernard dog saves Popeye by giving him not alcohol but spinach, after checking an issue of Popeye Comics it is carrying. Fully recovered, Popeye helps Olive make good her escape then sends Bluto flying towards the Paramount mountain with a single punch, with the stars flying out from the impact fully forming the closing logo.


  • The comic book seen in this short bears the title "Popeye Comics" and shows its main character wearing his U. S. Navy uniform. In reality, the then-current publication was simply titled "Popeye", and never had him wear his Navy whites.

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