Abdominal Snowman

Abdominal Snowman.jpg

"Abdominal Snowman" is the ninth episode of the 1960 TV series Popeye the Sailor.


Popeye and Olive visit her uncle Sylvan Oyl, who is a big-game hunter and has a large collection of exotic beasts for display at the Explorer's Club. However, Popeye and Olive notice a giant display case that remains empty. Sylvan then explains that he intends to use that display for the rarest creature of all, the yeti, better known as the Abominable Snowman, but then explains that no ordinary man can catch it. Popeye is intrigued by the challenge and decides to help Sylvan catch the legendary beast, so the trio travel to Mt. Idiot in the Himalayas (such named because the mountain can never make correct echos). The trio soon spot the yeti in the distance and Popeye goes after it, only to fall into an icy underground cavern. He then finds himself surrounded by gigantic yetis which he tries to punch out, but his attacks are completely ineffective and cause a mass of icicles to fall on him.

This is when Popeye hears a strange voice asking him whether he is fine. Popeye then notices the presence of a tiny talking yeti named Harry, the actual abominable snowman of Mt. Idiot. Popeye wonders how a yeti could be so small, but Harry explains that he is been very ill lately. Popeye also wonders why the other giant yetis will not attack, and Harry explains that they are just reflections in the ice, a trick which smaller yetis use to scare off intruders, since yetis are in fact very shy creatures. Popeye then realizes that such a small and nice yeti could never be used for a trophy, much to his disappointment. Harry then tries to console Popeye by taking him to his souvenir shoppe, where he sells large and stuffed yeti dolls to tourists (designed by the local natives to look exactly like a real beast) and gives one to Popeye to use for Sylvan's trophy room. A grateful Popeye then makes his way back to Olive and Sylvan, but not before giving Harry a spinach sucker which greatly boosts Harry's strength and muscles, much to his enjoyment.

After returning home with Olive and Popeye, Sylvan shows his "discovery" to the world and puts it on display in the Explorer's Club and also gives thanks to Popeye and Olive for all their help as the "yeti" is unveiled. But as soon as the veil is lifted, the yeti on display begins screaming in anger, horrifying those present, but it is soon revealed that it was just a prankster Popeye inside the doll, and he thanks Sylvan for the adventure.

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