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"A Whale of a Tale" is an episode from The All-New Popeye Hour's "The Adventures of Popeye" segment for Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with King Features Syndicate. It first aired on September 30, 1978 and was directed by George Gordon, Carl Urbano and Rudy Zamora. Popeye was voiced by Jack Mercer, Olive Oyl was voiced by Marilyn Schreffler and Bluto was voiced by Allan Melvin.


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Popeye's nephews cannot sleep so he tells them a story about a mighty sailing man (portrayed by Popeye in the book). The story tells about how his ship is destroyed by a storm at sea and then he has to deal with sharks.

Afterwards, he is swallowed by a white whale and taken to the bottom of the sea. There he must save a mermaid (portrayed by Olive in the book) who is being forced to marry King Neptune (portrayed by Bluto in the book). The sailor eats some sea spinach to defeat King Neptune and save her.

Episode details

This segment was aired in season 1, episode 4 of The All-New Popeye Hour. Below is a list of the other segments for this episode.

Segment Title Seg #
The Adventures of Popeye "A Whale of a Tale" 4A
Health and Safety Tips (Bicycle) 4B
The Adventures of Popeye "Olive's Shining Hour" 4C
Dinky Dog "Dinky's Nose for News" 4D
Health and Safety Tips (Don't Overeat) 4E
The Adventures of Popeye "A Bad Knight for Popeye" 4F
Health and Safety Tips (Balanced Meals) 4G

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