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A Jolly Good Furlough
Number 117
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Too Weak to Work
Ration Fer the Duration

A Jolly Good Furlough is Popeye's 117th theatrical cartoon, produced by Famous Studios and released on April 23, 1943.


While fighting in World War II, Popeye is doing a great job of sinking Japanese ships (complete with toilet-flushing sound effect). A carrier pigeon brings him notice that he has been granted a month furlough, which he plans to spend with Olive and Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye. However, on arrival, he is run over by Olive, who immediately leaves him alone with his nephews, who are practicing home defense. Popeye falls for their booby-trapped hammock and also barely survives the demonstrations of their other skills, notably camouflage. He ends up in a beehive; the displaced bees take up residence in a gas mask, which one of the boys then slaps on Popeye; the bees manage to fly Popeye all through the house and then drop him on the ground, where his nephews bandage him all too thoroughly. That is enough for Popeye, who heads back to the front. The pigeon tries to deliver notice of an extra two weeks furlough, but Popeye will have none of it.

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