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A Dream Walking
Number 14
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A Dream Walking is Popeye's 14th theatrical cartoon short, starring Billy Costello as Popeye, William Pennell as Bluto and Mae Questel as Olive Oyl. It was produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures on September 28, 1934.


Popeye and Bluto are shown sleeping in adjoining rooms while Olive sleeps upstairs. Olive, in her night gown, starts sleepwalking out of her home, alerting Popeye and Bluto. She walks along the roofs of various buildings and into the construction site of a skyscraper, as Popeye and Bluto fight with each other while frantically rushing to save Olive from danger. During this chase, they encounter Wimpy, the non-caring watchman of the site. When Bluto causes Popeye to hang on for dear life, Popeye eats a can of spinach, gains back his footing, chases Bluto down and beats him until he faints in front of Wimpy.

Afterwards, the still-asleep Olive walks on steel bars and back into her own room, miraculously unharmed, to resume her sleep. Popeye also arrives to see that she is fine, but wakes her up by accidentally knocking over an alarm clock, causing her to angrily chase "peeping tom" Popeye away. The sailor, claiming that "I saw my duty and done it", ends the film with his signature song.


Most of the sleepwalking sequences are accompanied by the tune from the song "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?", by Harry Revel.

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