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A Date to Skate
Number 66
Cops Is Always Right

A Date to Skate is Popeye's 66th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios in 1938.


Popeye and Olive Oyl go out on a date, and they come by a skating rink. He insists they go skating but she is not convinced, especially when a little girl they see skating effortlessly falls down and cries. Still, Popeye is able to convince Olive to enter and, after some awkwardness regarding her shoe size, they both rent their skates. Olive lacks many skating skills, with Popeye patiently teaching her and then holding her as she skates, until he lets go without her noticing. At this point, Olive slides off the rink and into the street, and is threatened by traffic until she rolls into a department store to wreak havoc. Outside again, she causes a traffic jam and then holds on to the ladder of a fire truck, which speeds off with her rolling along in the back. Popeye is unable to eat his spinach as he has forgotten to bring any. He asks if anyone watching the cartoon has some spinach, upon which a member of the audience tosses him a can. Olive is now sliding down a street, but the sailor is able to catch her in his arms. She exclaims, "let's do it again!" and sings her variation on "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man".

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