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A Clean Shaven Man
Number 30
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A Clean Shaven Man is Popeye's 30th cartoon from Fleischer Studios, released on February 7, 1936.


Sitting at Olive's cafe, Popeye and Bluto watch her as she sings "I Want A Clean Shaven Man" while going about her business. Not only is Bluto bearded but Popeye shows abundant stubble on his face. The two get an idea and run off to Wimpy's Barber Shop, where they enter, demanding service, until they notice the "BARBER OUT GETTING A SHAVE" sign. They decide to give each other a shave and a haircut, with Popeye leaving Bluto with an elegant mustache and hairdo.

The latter, however, treats his sailor rival to a broken razor and a scalding towel, leaving him with a messy appearance. When Popeye notices, he is given a beating and dragged away for Olive to make her choice. By eating spinach, not only is Popeye made stronger but also perfectly groomed, turning the tables and dragging the now messy Bluto for Olive to choose. However, they see her going on a date with the bearded George W. Geezil, and end the cartoon kicking each other.

Color remake

A Clean Shaven Man was remade by Famous Studios in 1953 as Shaving Muggs.


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