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A Balmy Swami
Number 164
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A Balmy Swami, produced by Famous Studios and released on July 22, 1949, is Popeye's 164th theatrical cartoon.


Popeye and Olive are taking in a variety show. Popeye enjoys the juggling seal very much, but the animal act is followed by magician/hypnotist Bluto. Bluto spots Olive in her luxury box and immediately makes plans: first, he humiliates Popeye with a series of magic tricks; next, he hypnotizes Olive, but, while she is walking toward Bluto in a trance, Popeye points her the other way and goes after Bluto himself. Meanwhile, Olive has walked out the stage door and onto a construction site, and the two men race to save her. Popeye's efforts are hampered by Bluto's magic, like the instant brick wall he builds. Bluto awakens her, and she attacks him then panics. Popeye throws her a hook to save her; it does, but it crashes through a window, bringing a piano out with it. The piano crashes on the building, and Olive is catapulted by the strings to a distant platform. Another race to save her follows. As Popeye is trapped in a plummeting elevator, he breaks out his spinach, allowing him to triumph. In the end, Bluto is given to the seal as a plaything.

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